PREDIQT is offering PQT utility tokens. PQTs will be used to pay consumers the value they deserve for their data. Brands and companies purchase PQTs to pay for this data on our platform. Here are some details of the offering:

  • Sale to Merchants & Airdrop to consumers
  • Founders, Full-time staff, Advisors and Partners
  • IEO Exercise

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This document is for information purposes only. It is not a prospectus nor a solicitation for investment and it does not pertain in any way to an offering of securities in any jurisdiction. PQT utility tokens are not an investment or security of any kind. They do not represent ownership or shares in PREDIQT nor any other entity. They have no rights whatsoever including no voting, no dividends, and no claim to future profits.

Tokens will not be offered in the United States, China, Japan, any sanctioned countries or any countries that do not allow the offering of cryptocurrencies.

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