Tokenized Consumer Data

Global decentralized network to exchange personal data for its true value
Solving the trust problem in personal data aggregation

Companies will realize higher participation rates for their consumer insight studies

Better quality data will be available given the better matched incentives provided to data providers

Windfall data security given the decentralized database solutions used by the platform

More in depth insight provided as consumers are compensated for providing the data

Better compensation for the
data they provide

More engaging with ways to provide their data

Quick payments that are safely transacted through blockchain

Increased privacy protection through our blockchain’s decentralized platform

We’ve built a platform with access to 50+ million consumers globally. Clients can access these consumers through our APIs. For consumers, we offer the flexibility for them to exchange their personal data and insight for the
value they deserve.
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Prediqt is a new approach to collecting consumer data. A token-based, multi-sided platform, it generates value for consumers and brands while increasing the quality of data

Today’s businesses are spending an estimated $46 billion on research and data to guide their $170 billion of ad spend. However, the traditional datasets they are using are riddled with problems. Analysis of current data collection reveals the following issues:

  • There is a lot of inaccurate data.
  • Data is limited to a small number of unmotivated respondents.
  • The information is hard to work with and offers few insights.
  • Data is often untimely and unreliable.

Businesses are paying too much for too little.

Consumers are also harmed by this status quo. Their privacy is rarely respected and they are given no incentives to participate in data-collection other than the risks of inaccurate consumer profiles

The solution is tokenized consumer data. Prediqt’s model uses the token economy to reward consumers for providing high-quality data to our data exchange. The more useful the data, the larger the reward.
We reach our consumers with an engaging App that provides fun data collection activities like surveys and other behavior tools.

For brands, this means more accurate information provided by more motivated consumers. They can make decisions based on accurate data rather than old-fashioned, unreliable data sources.
The Prediqt model is unique in the data world because everyone wins. This disruptive approach offers immense value to all participants in the data economy.

PREDIQTs QT utility token will serve as store of value as well as the currency that facilitates the exchange of value for data. Key PREDIQT tokenomic features include:

PREDIQT integrates its blockchain platform with existing platforms using our APIs and SDKs.

For example, PREDIQT has integrated its platform to the largest panel exchange in the world with access to over 50 million consumers through API integration.

PREDIQT will continue to develop its platform on blockchain and incorporate AI to automate the data validation and qualification processes.  PREDIQT will expand its reach to consumers and businesses using Ad Networks, social media and other marketing including affiliates programs.

PREDIQT will house a centralized data validation function with expertise in all major business sectors including consumer, financial and medical. Expansion of PREDIQT’s consumer user base will result through planned marketing efforts with a goal of 100M users by 2024.

Our team consists of senior executives and advisors, each with over 20 years of experience in the consumer and retail industries, software technology, product development, and blockchain technology.

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Henry Chan


Miguel Nievas

Chief App Engineer - Blockchain

Navin Williams

Chief Research Officer

Theodore Kuh

Consumer and Retail Industry

Adrian Kok

Mobile Enterprise Systems

Miguel del Rosario

Technology - Blockchain

The Prediqt solution is tokenized consumer data. Our platform rewards consumers using a token economy for providing accurate and reliable data. This means that consumers are benefitting from sharing their information, a major change of pace.

Simultaneously, the platform generates substantial value for brands because they get access to broad and accurate consumer information. This delivers significant value to brands and consumers:

  • They get access to data from our large network of up to 100 million consumers.
  • They can make business decisions based on validated and accurate information.
  • They can target their advertising spend confidently knowing the efficacy of our data.

This data exchange is further improved by our advanced data management systems that help us monitor data sources, eliminate fraudulent data and filter unhelpful data. We offer brands unparalleled consumer insights to help with decision-making, advertisement-targeting and more. As such, Prediqt is poised to make a serious impact on the consumer data industry.

Yes.  We have an hugely popular App being used by consumers to provide their data for Cash, Gift Cards and Cryptocurrency.  Our App is so popular that influencers are making videos of our Apps in countries like India and Brazil.

Business are paying for this data.  Just look at this list

Absolutely.  Download our App from Google Play and start receiving rewards for your data!

PREDIQT is planning an offering through the ______ Our utility token goes on sale ________.  Please check our whitepaper for details.

No one can guarantee a utility token will increase .  However, the PREDIQT utility token protocols include staking and supply control mechanisms that enforce stability and provide a way for tokens to increase in utlity.  Some of the factors that help the utlility of the PREDIQT token is the immense network effect of the PREDIQT token economy.  The more partipants using the platform the more the utilityof  token.

PREDIQT is poised to redefine the world of data. Learn more about our solution.

PREDIQT tokens (PQT) are now listed on the Beldex Exchange ( August 2020

After a successful initial exchange offering (IEO) in March 2020, PREDIQT is listing the PQT token on the Beldex exchange. PREDIQT plans on additional listings in the future so that consumers can receive the true value for the data they provide. (PQT are not sold in the US, China, Japan and all countries where cryptocurrencies are not allowed)


OMD International has tested data from PREDIQT ‘s blockchain enabled panel and intends to use PREDIQT’s data solution worldwide. “Quality data at the right value is crucial. It is vital in developing countries where normal methodology for acquiring and filtering data is insufficient ….” says CEO of PREDIQT

We are happy to announce that we are listing on the Latoken exchange. February 2021

PREDIQT plans on additional listings in the future so that consumers can receive the true value for the data they provide. (PQT are not sold in the US, China, Japan and all countries where cryptocurrencies are restricted). Please click here for more information.

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.
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